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Latest News on SRA Fire Fees


CalFire recently announced they will send a new round of fire tax bills, with counties begining with the letter "A" receivng bills first.

It is important you file a protest every time you pay the fire tax so that you maximize your chances of receiving a refund if the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association's class action lawsuit currently underway is successful.  To read more about this lawsuit and to download the protest form, please click here.


The State Responsibility Area (SRA) Fire Prevention Benefit Fee was enacted following the signing of Assembly Bill X1 29 in July 2011. This fee is imposed by the State of California and not by the El Dorado Hills Fire Department. The law approved the new annual Fire Prevention Fee to pay for fire prevention services within the SRA.

The fee is levied at the rate of $150 per habitable structure, which is defined as a building that can be occupied for residential use. Owners of habitable structures who are also within the boundaries of El Dorado Hills Fire District will receive a reduction of $35 per habitable structure.

The State Responsibility Area Viewer allows users to view the spatial distribution of SRA at different scales and for different areas of the state. It can also be used to search for a specific address to help determine if someone is in or out of SRA.

For more information about the Fire Prevention Fee, please visit: ww.FirePreventionFee.org or call 1-888-310-6447.


The El Dorado Hills Fire Department has opposed the CalFire SRA (State Responsibility Area) Fee from its inception. The Board of Directors adopted a resolution against the fee. Please see the News Release and Resolution below, along with maps of the El Dorado Hills Fire SRA/LRA Maps.

This fee has been formally opposed by the El Dorado County Fire Chiefs' Association.

EDHFD SRA News Release

EDHFD Board of Directors SRA Resolution

El Dorado Hills SRA LRA Maps -  These maps focus on the areas in EDH that are Local Responsibility Areas. If you live in EDH and your residence is not on this map, then it is considered to be an State Responsiblity Area. Please visit the State Responsibility Area Viewer website linked above to enter in your address.

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