"Our Mission: We, the El Dorado Hills Fire Department, exist to serve and protect the Community through emergency management."

Community Wildfire Safety Plans

Communities are increasingly concerned about wildfire safety. Drought years coupled with flammable vegetation and annual periods of severe fire weather ensure the potential for periodic wildfires. Years with heavy rains also play a role as they allow vegetation to grow thicker, taller and provide more fuel for fires than is normal. When this vegetation dries out, the fuel load and fire potential is significant for that specific area.

The purpose of Wildland Fire Safe Plans (WFSPs) is to assess the wildfire hazards and risks and protect lives, property, and native vegetation. These WFSPs build on basic rules and provide additional fire hazard reduction measures customized to the topography and vegetation of the development. Wildland Fire Safe Plans do not guarantee that wildfire will not threaten, damage or destroy natural resources, homes or endanger residents. The full implementation of mitigation measures will greatly reduce the exposure of homes to potential loss from wildfire and provide defensible space for Firefighters and residents as well as protect the native vegetation.

For information regarding Wildland Fire Safe Plans, please contact Fire Prevention Specialist Marshall Cox at (916) 933-6623 ext. 1017

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