"Our Mission: We, the El Dorado Hills Fire Department, exist to serve and protect the Community through emergency management."

Weed Abatement Complaint Form

All complaints regarding weed abatement should be completed using the form below. Once the form is processed and reviewed by a Fire Inspector, an on-site inspection of the parcel will be conducted. All weed violations MUST be visible from the street. Due to laws prohibiting illegal searches, the El Dorado Hills Fire Department will not be able to climb fences or enter a property via the backyard to confirm weed complaints. After an inspection is completed, if a site is deemed to be a fire hazard, the Fire Prevention Bureau will require the owner to take appropriate actions to mitigate the hazard.

Note: Complaint name and contact information MUST be provided, otherwise, no action can be taken.  Your information will NOT be released to other parties.

pdfWeed Abatement Complaint Form