"Our Mission: We, the El Dorado Hills Fire Department, exist to serve and protect the Community through emergency management."


IMPROVED FORM SUBMITTAL: Please fill in the required information below and attach your site map file(s) or upload a link to your storage file then hit SUBMIT. You are required to review and incorporate the El Dorado County Fire Standards that apply to your event.  Please submit this form a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event date.

Please include the following:
1. A copy of Fire Department Conditions of Approval (COA's).
2. A Site Map - must show the following:
     a.   General layout of event set-up (including vendors, activities, tents, etc.).
     b.   Fire Lanes and indicate how they will be marked or signed. Must include a copy of the Fire Lane Standard.
     c.   Show fire hydrants.
     d.   Show the required two-ways out for public and emergency vehicles, as required by Title 14 Regulations.


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*Please specify your Event below and refer to our Fee Schedule for initial fees due. An invoice will be sent to the Billing Email provided for prompt payment. Thank you.

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